Roses of Thun

October 17, 2007

Roses of Thun

Thun is an ancient city, from before Christ. The name is from the Celtic term Dunum, meaning “fortified city”. It fell to Rome in 58 BC, and was one of the main centres of Roman administration. Thun became a part of the Holy Roman Empire in 1033. In 1195 Duke Bertold von Zähringen, built a castle in Thun and expanded the city. Today it houses a museum of Swiss history.

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Hohenklingen Castle, Stein am Rhine

September 30, 2007

Stein am Rhine

Hohenklingen is a medieval castle situated on a ridge above Stein am Rhein at 961 meters above sea level. Its first buildings were erected in the 11th century by the Zähringer, a dynasty of noblemen. After they had died out, the German emperor gave the castle to the Freiherren of Klingen in 1218, from whom it derives its name.

From 1449 on, it gained in importance as Switzerland’s northernmost watchtower against Germany. In 1863, the structure became a small spa and restaurant, but soon had to be renovated because part of the structure began to slide downhill. Today, Hohenklingen contains a well-known upper-price restaurant.

In this photograph we see a vista of Stein am Rhine and the Rhine River from the castle Hohenklingen.

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