In trying to describe Switzerland with just one word, the word I would use is compact. Compact in that so much is in such a small area. Switzerland – a country only slightly bigger than Vancouver Island – is overflowing with abundant natural beauty and culture. Majestic mountains, with such famous peaks as the Matterhorn, dominate the landscape of much of the country and are replete with waterfalls and glaciers that feed the Rhine and other major rivers, before flowing into pristine lakes such as Lucerne, Lugano and Geneva. Rolling hills and mountain plateaus dotted with scenic towns provide satisfying vistas while bustling cities are home to world renowned business and efficiency. Add to this stunning beauty a remarkably deep culture – 4 of them in fact – German, French, Italian and the ancient Romansch all within its borders. And with more then 700 years as an independent country, Switzerland has a history as rich as its natural splendor; this is evident from the castles and historic attractions too numerous to list.

Here you will find a look at Switzerland through the lens, the best way to describe this country is to show it to you. All the photos that will be presented here are part of the book “Switzerland In View – A Photographic Essay”.

Click here to purchase “Switzerland In View – A Photographic Essay” or click on cover.


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