Village of Corippo, Ticino

Village of Corippo, Ticino

Ticino offers one of the four represented cultures of Switzerland, namely Italian.

Long the Verczasca Valley one comes across the tiny village of Corippo, in fact it is the smallest municipality in Switzerland with a population of just 17.

Located at the north end of the artificial Lake Vogorno Corippo is just 20 km from Italy. The houses are built from the local Ticino granite with slate roofs and have changed little for several hundred years, leading the Italian writer Piero Bianconi to describe Corippo as “Verzasca’s gentlest village”. Its early 17th century Church was extended in the late eighteenth century. Corippo’s architectural value has caused the entire village centre to be placed under a conservation order, and in 1975 the European Architectural Heritage Congress named the village as an “exemplary model” for historical preservation.

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2 Responses to Village of Corippo, Ticino

  1. […] In this gorgeous valley one can find the smallest municipality in Switzerland, Corippo (see post Village of Corippo, Ticino) as well as the Contra dam (or Verzasca dam). The dam forms Lago di Vogorno, an artificial […]

  2. David Silva says:

    Thank you for featuring the beautiful and awe inspiring Corippo. Not too many years ago, my family was among its founders. I long for the cold damp touch of its buildings in the early morning, fresh bright smoothness against my cheek. The sounds are animals, water, nature overwhelming the occasional reminders of the present. Shocked back to time, my flushed cheek renews calm composure in a cool well built pureness and a heavy insistent antiquity. Built to carry forward for safety, for security, for beauty and most importantly, for love. This is my Corippo. Our Corippo, Thank you for sharing it with me and the world.

    David Arcotti Silva (David Borchard Silva on facebook)

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